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Please see annexed video that I recorded. When I 1st received this air bed I called ur office within a few days and reported that the air keeps coming out when sleeping on it. I was told to patch it up with the supplied patches now the queen sized air bed does not respond to the electrical socket therefore I can not even put air in it. It cost me approx $170 dollars and u said that u could not send me a pre-paid label but I am reaching out to ur company or supervisor to look into to this problem, as I was told that this happens sometimes by salesperson, I am a customer and gave u my creditcard payment because I believed in ur product but I'm not so sure now. I shouldn't have to pay for a defective product.

I would like a reimbursement or a bonified replacement. I.e. That u check to see that it's not defective. Once I receive it I will send this one back in the package provided. Thanks

Kenneth Reid

Thank you for placing your order with us! Your order has been submitted to our processing server, you will receive another email once your credit card has been processed. If any of the information below is incorrect, please give us a call at (208)561-0259.

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Name: Kenneth ReidAddress 1: 55 austin placeAddress 2: STE 7SCity, State, ZIP: Staton Island NY, 10304Name: Kenneth ReidAddress 1: 55 austin placeAddress 2: STE 7SCity, State, ZIP: Staton Island NY, 10304

Quantity Product Per Unit Total1Plush High-Rise Queen Air Mattress PHR102 $159.99 $159.99Sub-Total: $159.99Shipping: $14.87Total: $174.86

Since no one has responded in 2 weeks I would like a full refund. Today is 12/27/15

Email: lexreid@aol.com

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Wow! Where to start!

First of all you sound like Guido the Italian douche bag in your video. Complete with clock from the 90's and *** outlets that probably have way too much paint and mold in them. I believe you may be experiencing some sort of outlet compatibility problem. I notice that your geezer clock works quite well with those geezer outlets.

However, that new air bed you somehow managed to purchase with a credit card is......NEW! Yup! That's right! Not from your go-to store "Goodwill." Which means by plugging it into that *** old outlet had a negative effect on the pump (yes by the way that is called a "pump") and slowly shorted it out, much like your brain in the 5th grade, which would explain as to why you dropped out of school in the 7th.

I mean, this must be true! Seeing as how in your review you used such terms as "ur" and "u" while addressing the company. Oh by the way, the company, they don't read this, only other people do. The company couldn't give 2-*** about this complaint site.

The're too busy selling high quality modern airbeds that work best when using an outlet that wasn't installed in the dark ages. Aside from the mattress, and your unintelligible complaint, the best part about this whole thing: YOU POSTED YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS ON A PUBLIC WEBSITE! ALONG WITH YOUR EMAIL! If you thought you were getting junk mail now, just you wait, you have loads of spam on the way.

I mean, not that you wouldn't welcome it, you are obviously are considerably poor and could use all the "Spam" that you can get, seeing how they don't sell food at the "Goodwill." I have to say though, posting your address on an online site that the public can see is not a smart idea at all. ***, now if i wanted too I can order tons of http://mailyourglitter.com/ to be sent to your address. Now of course i wouldn't do that, as i have way too much to do like keeping retards like you in check. However, the internet is filled with sick bastards that want to screw with the democratic dumbasses like you in the world.

*** while your at it why not post your social security number! Maybe that will expedite the refund process! Or, the company will realize "Hey! Look!

This guy is utterly retarded and too poor to afford a lawyer! Lets just ignore him and keep making money!" This really leaves you with only a few options. Now i know this isn't very democratic, and way more republican because it requires this thing called "work." However I'm going to suggest them anyways.

Mr RealityCheck's Fun filled option list:

1. Get a job: Welfare can't take care of everything you know.

If you get a job, and do this thing called "work" perhaps you will be able to afford not just an airbed but......(wait for it)......AN ACTUAL BED!

2. Blow up the mattress your self: Seeing how your old day job of blowing men worked out well for you, try blowing up the airbed yourself, you just might have a good job option at the Tijuana Truck Stop if your able to do so. Which should take care of Fun Filled Option 1.

3. Too lazy to work?

That nice flat piece of fabric and plastic looks quite comfy, just don't sleep to that outlet.

I think its growing some sort of taint fungus. Wouldn't want to add to your lists of STD's.

Your Reality Check has been served :)

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